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          With With Our Hosted Predictive Dialer


If you or your sales team make a living on the telephone then you need SalesDialerPro. In order to make the most of your day and maximize your profits you need to talk to as many clients as possible. SalesDialerPro does all of the work for you and we dial hundreds of calls per hour for you and every sales agent on your team. Sit back and constantly pitch prospects as we detect their “Hello” and connect them to you in real time. When you talk to more prospects you close more deals.

With our automated predictive dialer you will talk to five times as many clients per day, every day. We filter out ringing calls, answering machines, bad numbers, busy signals and most other types of unanswered calls. Combine your new vastly improved contact rates with our built in lead management system and blow away your sales goals. We track every "hot prospect" from the initial conversation to the close.


Never loose information on a prospect, miss a call back or loose a lead. We track all of the notes and scheduled points of re-contact. Get SalesDialerPro and find and close more business today.

We are a hosted solution and it takes only 30 minutes to setup your entire sales team. There is no software to install or expensive equipment to buy, We do all the dialing on our back end.

All you need to get started is a lead list, USB headsets, computers and internet access. All calls are made through your computer, we don’t even tie up your office phones. With our real time reporting see how many calls your agents are making, what the outcomes of these calls are, and how many deals are in play. Get in control, make more calls, make more contacts per day and turn more prospects into sales.



         The more you talk, the more prospects you close!

One hour of SalesDialerPro equals 8 hours of hand dialing!

          And Triple Your Sales


SalesDialerPro is hosted so there is nothing to buy, we can have your entire office up and running in less then an hour.

Try us for FREE and we do it all, from the setup to the training, just sit back and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff get you started.

After your installation each sales agent will be making up to 250 calls per hour on their USB headsets with their hands free. All of your calls will be crystal clear and your sales agents will find interested prospects faster and close more deals.


          Anyone making a living on the phone

Alarm Sales
Appointment Setters
Auto Warranty
Business to Business Sales
Business to Consumer Sales
Cable/Satelite TV
Debt Refinancing
Debt Settlement
Finance Companies
Financial Services
Home Improvement
Insurance Companies
Merchant Services
Mortgage Companies
Mortgage Modifications
Real Estate
Stock Brokers
Time Shares
Vacation Sales



SalesDialerPro will dramatically increase sales. We guarantee it, get your free 30 day trial and see for yourself.

Each Sales Agent makes 250 calls per hour, every hour. Make more calls consistently with absolutely no effort on your part.

Talk to prospects not ringing phones, answering machines or bad numbers.

Do you have openers and closers? Let your openers find qualified prospects and then do a transfer to a closer at the touch of a button.

With our hosted solution there is nothing to buy and no extra telephone lines to order. Get up and running in 30 minutes.

Use a USB headset and call “Hands Free”. Call quality is crystal clear and we don’t tie up your office phones.

Let our lead management system track your “hot prospects” from initial contact to close.

For one affordable monthly subscription everything is included. There are no hidden charges or fees.

One hour of calling on SalesDialerPro has the same results as 8 hours of hand dialing.

Reporting lets you see who and how much you agents are calling and what deals are in play. Track everything and make decisions having a clear picture of all sales activities.

Our system is specifically designed for 1-20 sales agents. If your team is in this size range we are the right tool for dramatically increasing your sales.


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